Monday, March 28, 2016

Bombshell Minis at AdeptiCon

SISTER VASHA FANE - Promo Miniature

Through a special arrangement with AdeptiCon, Bombshell Miniatures will have a limited quantity of the Sister Vasha Fane miniature for sale in the web storethroughout the weekend of the show March 31 - April 3 2016.

Bombshell Miniatures will be attending AdeptiCon next weekend. If you are coming to the show, drop by our booth sandwiched between Secret Weapon Miniatures and Forge World to say hi and maybe catch a demo game of Counterblast DLX.

Monday, March 7, 2016



You can download the free COUNTERBLAST DLX Beta v1.3 rules PDF here.

For the past several months we here at the Bombshell Factory have been slaving deep into the night concocting new rules and upgrades to the existing Counterblast game. You can now download the complete rules as a Beta test version before the new book is published later this year.

What initially began as rules clarifications in the form of a free Addendum PDF to answer questions and make corrections, we planned the publication of the Mission Directive supplement to add new content to the existing game. However, as we developed more material, rather than publish a separate book, we decided it would be better to take the original, expand it with the new material, upsize the book to a proper format and give it some brand new color art! 

So what makes this version deluxe? It includes an all new Hero Builder system allowing players to make fully customizable characters for their games. Converting this system to vehicles, we have also created a Vehicle Builder allowing you to field some of your favorite sci-fi and Weird War hardware in your encounters, with expanded rules for vehicle combat. New weapons, gear, and psionic powers, have been added along with environmental hazards and new expanded campaign features. This will not be a new edition of the game since the basic structure and core mechanics all remain the same. It's more like a "version 1.5" re-organized, streamlined and easier to learn. The new book will be restructured to make finding the rules faster and easier during gameplay.

Thanks to the up-sized format, we will now have enough real estate to include some fantastic setting detail, background, and narrative, concerning the setting and all of the fantastic alien cultures present in the Outer Reaches. Vicky has been writing expanded source material for all of the present alien cultures like the Illyrians, Shrinaar, and Alanti, species along with more material on the origins of the Mekkus, the ruling houses of the Neiran Empire, and the strange ecology of the cephalopod Edo.

Over the coming months we will be posting details of the development of the project leading up to our new Kickstarter campaign this summer for COUNTERBLAST DLX which will include an all new full-sized color rulebook, printed statcard sets, and new Faction Crew Sets for all the represented factions.

Please vist our Bombshell Minis Facebook Group to get the latest details and offer your feedback and suggestions on this updated version of Counterblast.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

March Madness

We have weathered the winter and now march forth into spring. Those of us at the Bombshell factory have been toiling away these winter months working on bringing forward some exciting new things for 2016. To celebrate the thaw we are offering a "Mad Hatter" spring cleaning. All Bombshell minis with hats (or other covers) are 15% off throughout March in our web store.

Coming in April will be our Kickstarter project for a new range of critter characters cast in high quality urethane resin. More news soon!