Friday, January 30, 2015

New Releases January

Right down to the wire as usual we offer up this latest batch of new releases for January. Candy the Mobile Sniper is our Babe™ of the month and she comes to us from the capable hands of sculptor Chad Hoverter. For your Counterblast modeling and converting needs comes a set of brains with brainstems and eyes for upgrading your bots with bio-implants as well as a sprue of various equipment and tools to kit out your crew members.

Also, dipping our toe into the 15mm pool, is the MicroBabes Set. This initial release of four tough sci-fi girls is the first in an entire range of 15mm sci-fi miniatures planned for release this year. Future Counterblast releases will see 15mm counterparts available for your choice of gaming scales. More on this will be announced later.

10036 Candy the Mobile Sniper - $9.99

15001 MicroBabes Set - $5.99

36028 Cybrains (2) - 2.99
36029 Equipment & Tools - $2.99

Sunday, January 11, 2015

DR. ZARDOV has been Spotted!

While putting together some of the studio models for  COUNTERBLAST I noticed there was a surprising coincidence with the plastic domes for the GDF troops and some of the Bots models. I wish I could say this was planned from the beginning but that's part of what makes this hobby fun, flashes of inspiration to fuel creativity!

It seems that a couple of the plastic domes are exactly the same size as the collar sections of the HLpR Bot chassis and the BdE Bot chassis. Since they are bots there is really no reason for them to need bubble helmets but the image stuck with me. So I started thinking whether I wanted to add gizmos like inside the dome on the Robot from Lost in Space or something else.

It would be way cooler, and more pulp in nature, to put floating brains in there! You can check out some more cultural and aesthetic implications of the trope brain-in-the-jar like I did here. So after looking at that I sculpted up a few brains to go with my Renegade Bot Lancer crew.

But the leader needed to be special, with a menace like Darth Vader. So, after researching some appropriate pulp-sounding names I settled on Dr. Zardov. I told Vicky about my idea for the characters and how he was experimenting with Mekkus technology when something went wrong.

She set about to write his backstory and work up what stats he and his crew might have. In the meantime I made a few other brains and assembled the parts for my crew.

It would be one thing if this was a one-off project, but why keep all this coolness just to myself? Bombshell Miniatures is all about the fun of hobby gaming! So, I sent off a few extra parts to be mastered and as soon as they come back, we will be offering a Lancer Faction Starter Set for Dr. Zardov and the Robot Menace with all of the parts for you to convert your own Renegade Bot crew.

We will have a bundle deal available at a special price to make Dr. Zardov and all of his robot minions. Plus, the brain sprue and an all new equipment sprue including Maelee's wrench, an air tank, tool pouch, weapon scopes, data pad, and ultonium container,  will be available separately so that you can make your own conversions, too!

We'll keep you posted!
The Sculptdude

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Runner up - COUNTERBLAST!

We want to thank everyone for voting for COUNTERBLAST and helping to get the word out! Even though COUNTERBLAST is the runner up, LXG has offered to cover it in its' own campaign in addition to the winner, Warzone: Resurrection.

Congratulations to the winner we randomly selected from the voters of the LXG Campaign Contest - Daniel Hinds-Bond!
He will be receiving his choice of one COUNTERBLAST Faction Core Starter Set, One Core Rulebook & PDF, and a COUNTERBLAST T-Shirt!

Just to give you some metrics of what we were up against here are some facts:

Warzone was originally published by Target Games in 1995. A new edition of Warzone was unveiled in February 2013 by Prodos Games (under license to Paradox Entertainment): Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection. Their Kickstarter project for the revised edition of the game was successfully funded on April 15, 2013 at £161,851 from 962 backers. Their Facebook Group has 1,301 active members and 5,317 Likes on their page. Warzone: Resurrection received 85+ votes.

COUNTERBLAST was launched as a Kickstarter project and successfully funded on March 21, 2014 with $35,562 from 289 backers and hit the market in August of the same year. Bomshell Miniatures currently has 267 active members on the Facebook Group and 1,931 Likes to our page. We completed the contest scoring 74 votes.

We are very proud that our player-base stepped up and let their voice be heard to promote something fresh in tone, scope, and design from what currently holds the majority of the miniatures’ gaming market. The exposure from the campaign coverage by LXG over the coming months will bring in lots of new players and will fuel the forges here at the Bombshell Factory to turn out new exciting models and rules supplements for our flagship game!