Friday, July 10, 2015

PRE-ORDER and KICKSTARTER items live in the web store.

Items are now in the store!
PREORDER items are being manufactured and are not currently in stock. This batch of releases is expected to ship in August 2015.
All items listed in the Kickstarter category are currently being manufactured. Estimated time of delivery is October 2015. Please note that orders containing PREORDER or KICKSTARTER items will be held until complete

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of JULY Weekend!

Use the discount code JULY4TH in the shopping cart for 30% off your total order!



Survey sent on 07/01/2015 -- 98 Backers (84 responses)

Surveys went out earlier this week and the response has been superb! There are only a handful of replies we are waiting on which should come through after the weekend and we’ll be sending out the codes for your rewards selections this coming week.

If you have not received your survey yet, please check the email account linked to your Kickstarter account and see if it may be in the spam folder. The Kickstarter system does not allow us to re-send surveys and we need to know where to send the gift code for your pledge amount.

Having cleared a few client things off the workbench this week, I will be back to sculpting on the Azhro Rider, Psyfer, and Lancer Brute.

We received the leg print for the Cybot but the chassis missed this shipment and should be coming with the next batch of prints. This pic is of the leg part with an existing Aggressor casting for comparison. The parts for the Scutter are at the printer now.

There are a few more tweaks to the details on the Barracuda Rocket Bike and those will be sent out next. That will complete all of the printed parts funded on the Heavy Support campaign and then we can get them off to moldmaking.

We also received a few parts for regular Bombshell releases which will be added to the web store next week. One of these is the Slugger weapon sprue for our upcoming Space Aces release.

To all our US backers, we wish you and your families a happy July 4th Holiday Weekend! Thanks for your support and interest in our Bombshell items!

~The Sculptdude