Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shipping for October

Mary Profitt over at Hamster Cage Studios has been doing a spectacular job painting up some of our releases for us. This month we have Autumn the Scarecrone. All of our new releases are now in-stock and are ready to ship out. Pre-orders were packed and shipped out yesterday.

10033 - Autumn the Scarecrone   $9.99


We are very excited to have reached the 200 member mark on our Bombshell Minis Facebook Group! The community has been very active with great posts on all of their projects and input with our minis and COUNTERBLAST™, If you haven't joined yet, visit the group here and check out all the great posts.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Working with Helmet Domes


The Second Class Elitist over on The League of Extraordinary Gamers blog has posted a quick video tutorial for working with your Bombshell plastic helmet domes.


Also check out his superb and detailed Unboxing of the Mekkus from COUNTERBLAST™.

Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3 Releases and Bases Sale

Head on over to the web store for savings all this month on our complete line of bases and base inserts that are on sale.

Upcoming releases for October include:

  • 10033 Autumn the Scarecrone $9.99 (Available later this month)
  • 60017 Pumpkin Pal $2.99 (Available later this month)
  • 34007 Mekkus Aggressors with Gamma Dis (2) $12.99
  • 36018 Helmet Sprue Set R8 (5) $11.99
  • 36019 Helmet Sprue Set T8 (5) $11.99
  • 36021 Helmet Sprue Set R10 (5) $11.99
  • 36025 Plastic Dome Sprue R8 $1.50
  • 36026 Plastic Dome Sprue T8 $1.50
  • 36027 Plastic Dome Sprue R10 $1.50
  • Counterblast T-shirt $25.00

West Wind Distribution

We are pleased to announce that West Wind Productions has agreed to distribute Bombshell Miniatures and COUNTERBLAST™ products in the UK and EU markets. This will make it easier and less expensive for our European customers to order our products and have them shipped without incurring the dreaded Import Fees.

We are working hard to provide them with our entire range of miniatures so they will be able to manufacture and stock all of the same models we provide to our US-based customers. A selection of our previous releases are available in their web store now!

Kickstarter Fulfillment Update #5


Vicky sent out the final remaining packages to the domestic and international backers that were receiving product from us last week. GALACTIC DOMINATION backers will be receiving their rewards packages with their regular rewards selections soon, the painted items will be shipped when the painting is completed.


She is now collecting up the rewards items to send those packages to the UK for the backers who selected fulfillment from West Wind. We are also sending sets of masters for West Wind Productions to begin casting their own product for web store orders and distribution in the UK and EU. They have already posted a selection of our previous releases for Babes, Sidekicks and Epic Models in their web store.

Have a look at the models that all of you, our fantastic backers, have made possible through funding this project! All of these models are now available in our web store.

I wanted to say thanks again to everyone who contributed, shared, and supported our project for COUNTERBLAST™ making the launch of our new game possible. Look forward to more releases coming soon from Bombshell Miniatures!