Friday, December 6, 2013

December Things in the Works

We are happy to announce that Bombshell Miniatures are now handled by Minerva Games in the UK. If you are a UK or European retail store or online game and hobby provider, please contact them directly to order wholesale products by Bombshell Miniatures.


The Scout Ship Kickstarter fulfillment is still chugging along and we have the Production Update #5 posted over on the project page with all the news.


There is a big update over on the Airlock Games blog with new concept art and info about the upcoming game project.

New Concept Art

Here are a few more designs that have been rolling in from our concept artists.

Keri Ruediger worked up a couple of Shrinaar iterations for the Lancers faction.

Shrinaar are a race of felinoids whose homeworld, Shrina, was conquered and enslaved by the Neiran during the later reign of Empress Messilina III. Before that time, the Shrinaar had reached early space travel and, having an innate sense of curiosity, had begun exploration of nearby systems, even colonizing several worlds.

Jeff Paulsrud has provided us with a look at a couple more creatures for the Edo faction.

Large and fearsome, a Psider's abilities can put even the most battle-harded veteran on edge. Psi-ders share the chameleon ability of Eye-Spys, due to the enhanced chromatophores of their skin, allowing them to infiltrate enemy forces. Mighty wielders of the cosmiverse, Psi-ders are able to surround the pseudopods at the tips of their tentacles with Arc energy during their attacks. They can also protect themselves with force fields and have a powerful ability that apparently allows them to fold space and move instantaneously from one spot to another, more limited, not unlike what Jump drives perform for starships.

An odd type of spider-crab-like creature, trappers seem to travel with and on Edoflenii forces until under some alien direction they swarm together to surge forward releasing a sticky web-like substance that ensnares and immobilizes any being or creature unwary enough to get too close. As unsettling as they appear, they pose no other danger, seemingly used by the Edo to slow enemies until the main Edo troops can arrive.

Bret has fabricated a fantastic new prototype for the Edo faction we have dubbed as the Scutter. His cool Scutter prototype model is kitbashed from a variety of materials and has been used in several of the demos we have have been running at various shows.

While Edoflenii seem to be a species that has developed and continues to practice advanced bio-engineering, they also apparently have their own technology as well. An example of this technology are the formidable Scutters. Fashioned in the image of their makers, these machines stride across the battlefield on articulated legs bearing their Edo leader pilots in domed cockpits above.

I have been working on many of the weapon designs for the various faction in ZBrush which will be going to print shorly so they can be mastered and added to the sculpts.

As more art arrives over the next few weeks we will be adding more designs for some of the other factions.

New Characters for Counterblast

We have created a selection of Counterblast "preview models" to accompany the Scout Ship Kickstarter project. These characters are found within the Outer Reaches setting but are not part of any designated force list. We will be offering a datacard Print&Play™ PDF file  for these characters which will have all of their in-game stats, points values and equipment once the game is published so that you can include them in your Adventure Battle Games.

Skip Westmoreland, GRA Agent

Smap, Illyrian Agent

Wanda Whitestar, Lancer Captain

Neema, Illyrian Lancer Tec Specialist

Maintenance and Custodial (MaC) Bot

GDF Security Officer

GhNT Security Bot

BdE Bots

You can find all of these models in our web store in the Counterblast section.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

November News

Pre-Order News

Girron is on mold and we should have copies to ship out as soon as they are cast. Masters have arrived and have been approved so the production casting should begin later this week.

If you missed the Scout Ship Kickstarter Project we have added all the items that were unlocked to the web store. You can place a Pre-Order for them and they will ship along with the backer's fulfillment as soon as we receive the production castings. See the new Pre-Order category here!


Two new items in the web store

We now have Andrea and the Doom Bunny! These were characters originally concepted for our feature vampire film Blooodwine. They would make great additions to any zombie apocalypse game.

Andrea, Vampire Hunter - Painted by Elizabeth  Beckley

Doom Bunny



Robyn Haley has designed one of our upcoming releases the Sun Paladin.

I will be posting updates of the progress on this over on the forums as I work on it. Right now I am practicing on my 3D chops in ZBrush and this would be an excellent candidate for a digital model. You can follow along on my progress on the forum post over there.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

October is Hobby Month

Resin and Plastic!

New Hobby Items:
We now have all of our current basing designs as well as popular gaming bases now in the online web store. Be sure to add the October Hobby Month promo code HOBBY10 to take 10% off your hobby supplies.  You can see our current selection here.

Go for Launch!

Live on Thursday:
Our Kickstarter project to fund the production of the ISW-69F Scout Ship model kit has been approved and we are putting the finishing touches on the images, backer rewards levels, and super cool promo movie. We will send another notification with the link for the launch.

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Releases


Girron is ready to go to mold and we hope to have some castings back soon. He is a multi-part kit cast in resin and will be an Epic Models release. He stands 54mm tall! The pose has been designed to fit a premium 50mm plastic base for gaming. We are currently taking pre-orders for Girron in the web store. Be sure to use our Anniversary Sale code SEPTANNIV to get an additional 20% off until September 30th.

20004 Girron - $18.99

As a companion piece, we are also making Princess Linna available this month as a Bombshell Babe release. Her homeworld is a stark desert wasteland where dodging giant apes has become a way of life.

10027 Princess Linna - $11.99 Painted by Elizabeth Beckley

Bombshell Now Available at Paizo

If you were thinking many of the Babes and Sidekicks were suitable for Pathfinder, Paizo thinks so too! You can now get our entire line of miniatures through the Paizo online web store. Visit here for the selection.

Friday, September 13, 2013

September Events


September is a busy month for the Bombshell Factory. We are working behind the scenes on lots of new things, one of which is the launch of our upcoming Kickstarter project to fund production of the ISW-69F Scout Ship. This will be an Epic Models release although it will be completely suitable, and have a future stat sheet, for use in the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game as well as the RPG.

The ISW-66F will be a multi-part kit cast in resin for easy assembly. It has been modeled in ZBrush and it is being finalized for printing. The kit will include several accessories and upgrade packs that will be offered through the Kickstarter project as well as an exclusive set of crew figures.



We are happy to thank our fantastic sponsors over at Kraftmark for supplying us with samples of ProCreate for this year's Sculpt Jam. We have only a couple of spots left so if you are on the fence about coming, or know someone locally who would be interested in honing their sculpt-fu send them here for the news.


The last weekend of the September, the 27th, 28th, & 29th will be host to Clash for a Cure at the Waco, TX Convention Center. Bombshell Miniatures has been invited to attend and the Sculptdude will be onsite to offer sculpting tips and demos using ProCreate. He will also be lending his keen eye (albeit lens-covered) to help judge the painting competition. So pack up your Warjacks or  just come and cheer on the carnage for a good cause.

Counterblast - New Concepts

Keri Ruediger has been hard at work realizing some of our alien characters for COUNTERBLAST and making them tangible for the game. Here is a first look at some of the aliens that will be available as part of the Lancer faction and the Neiran Empire faction.

Post in the discussion forums here.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


We had our first COUNTERBLAST Developmer Playtest Session and documented some of the action. This was the same scenario Brett ran at GenCon and last weekend at Area 51 with updated stats and mechanics implemented from feedback so far.

We have an all new card-based initiative system, refined command point structure and weapons stats. The skill-based actions worked great. There is lots of interaction between both players and the integrated turns make sure one player doesn't have to sit idle as the other player pounds on them. 

Hazards in this particular scenario are represented by hidden tokens where unexpected creatures can burrow and surprise troops on either side. Simple skill checks allow troops to interact with terrain features giving them access to secondary objectives and additional victory points.

Check out the photos of the action here.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Anniversary Sale!

Add the discount code SEPTANNIV to your cart during checkout for your 20% discount!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

io9's Coolest Things at GenCon

It looks like io9 thinks we're pretty cool!

Check out their article here.

Pieces painted (l to r) by Jessica Rich, Meg Maples and Martin Jones.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GenCon 2013 Coverage

We had an absolute superb time at GenCon. There was traffic all day every day. We got to meet many of the Kickstarter backers that contributed to both the Babes and Maelee projects. As I said at the show, we could not have gone if it were not for our backers. So we appreciate all you've done for us.

Many new fans stopped by the booth and we were visited by lots of folks that had never seen Bombshell before. Brett ran demos pretty much every day of the show and we have received lots of great feedback about COUNTERBLAST. Maelee sold out along with the sculpting kits and almost all the ProCreate. So I expect to see some great sculpts from the upcoming artists.

There was a lot of interest from new retailers and distributors so look to see Bombshell Babes and more in your local games stores over the coming months. If you don't see them, ask your stores to contact us.

Beasts of War stopped by for a chat. Thanks for the support, Allen!


I am notoriously bad about remembering to take photos. If my iPhone was so damn smart it should take the photos for me! Anyway - here is a small gallery of pics I DID remember to take.

GenCon 2013
See you there next year!
~The Sculptdude

Thursday, August 15, 2013


COUNTERBLAST is a retro inspired sci-fi setting where you can play heroic characters, dastardly villains, intrepid explorers, and other fantastic creatures.  This document is a preview for our first project; a miniatures combat system called Adventure Battle Game.  Inside you'll get a taste of the interesting races that inhabit the COUNTERBLAST universe and an overview of the rules.  Our goal is to create an exciting, fast paced, and easy to learn game that captures the cinematic action and adventure of Saturday morning serials of days long past.  Bombshell Miniatures will be producing the high quality game pieces needed to play the game and amazing art will be a top priority.  Future projects include an RPG compatible with Adventure Battle and board/card games also in the COUNTERBLAST universe.  As development progresses we plan on sharing our progress and look forward to hearing what you think.  Watch for our Kickstarter project early in 2014.

You can get your FREE copy of the COUNTERBLAST Preview PDF here!

Offer your feedback and suggestions on our forums as we develop the game.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Store Update for GenCon

We are in the midst of setting up for Bombshell's first participation at GenCon as an exhibitor. To celebrate our successful Babes project and Maelee project on Kickstarter we are offering new items in the web store throughout the duration of the show! Some of these items are very limited or will only be available for the duration of the show.  Click the captions to visit the item in our web store.

Maelee T-shirt - $20 / $25

Maelee Special Edition Set - $49.99

Maelee Special Edition Solo - $11.99

BdE Bot Set - 15.99

As a reminder we also have these new additions available too!

Blake Russell - $11.99
Cobra Kyle - $2.99

Saturday, August 10, 2013

GenCon 2013 Prep

Everything is packed and ready to go with TWO DAYS to spare! In times past I would normally stay up all hours of the night packing and printing and stressing before leaving the following day for whatever show we would be attending. Not so for Bombshell's first GenCon exhibitor participation! Planning and scheduling have finally paid off and we are on track to depart Monday for Indianapolis.

We set up the display in the garage last week and it looks like it will work well enough.

New items will be posted in the web store on Thursday August 15th for those who would like to purchase some of our products that we are taking to the show if you are unable to attend.

If you are going to GenCon we will be at Booth #764 right next to the Art Show.

We will have lots of cool things to see and you can purchase all of the Babes, Sidekicks and Rocket Bikes we will have with us.

Brett will be showing off our top secret project that has been brewing behind the scenes since last October. He will be running short demos of our new sci-fi miniature game  COUNTERBLAST that is in the early stages of development. A FREE introductory PDF preview of the setting and combat mechanics will be posted in the web store you can download and peruse.

Here are a couple of shots of the models for the demo in progress.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

~The  Sculptdude