Saturday, May 10, 2014

Preorder Counterblast!

All of the items funded on the Counterblast Kickstarter project have been added to our web store and are now live this week. If you are a Kickstarter backer, you will be able to select your rewards as well as add items if you wish for an additional charge. If you missed the Kickstarter project, you will be able to preorder all the available items that were offered at the Kickstarter prices for a limited time only! Please note: the estimated shipping date for all Kickstarter rewards is August. Preordered items are estimated to ship in September.

Visit the store here to see all of the Preorder Items!

Production Update #4

This week we have really made some progress on the project. Out of 289 backers 3 were dropped, 5 selected no reward, and 245 have responded to the survey. We are still awaiting 36 backers to complete their surveys. This is fantastic and really helps us move along!


We will be posting a SPECIAL UPDATE this week that will have step-by-step instructions on how to redeem your gift code to select your rewards items. Be aware that if you do not respond to the Kickstarter survey with a current active email address, we will be unable to send your gift code to redeem your items.

The web store will have all of the items offered on the Counterblast Kickstarter project, so if you missed out on pledging or want to add items and pay the additional amount, you will be able to do so when you check out.

After a series of arduous nights chained to ZBrush, I have been able to extract ALL of the digital files for the various pieces offered on the Kickstarter project. These 30 files have been sent to print and as soon as they come in I'll post pics. This includes all of the Mekkus parts along with their various weapon options and also the plucky HOpR Bot for the Lancers Faction Core Set.

The HOpR Bot will come equipped with what is shown. He will have a separate head and arms for posing and future releases will allow us to offer variants such as Med Bots, Tech Bots and an all new posable HLpR Bot.

This week we received our first round of masters from Valiant and they look terrific. We have approved them for production and the moldmakers are currently hard at work cleaning masters and making molds.

Vicky and I got quite a bit of work done laying out the preliminary files for the rulebook. We have all of the sections listed and placeholders for all the elements. We received a sample from the printer for the type of book we will be making and the quality of the cover and paper selection is top notch. We are very excited that the book will be as close to having the feel of the early pulp anthology serials, but with an “upgraded” aesthetic.

In other exciting news, Matt Dixon has provided us with a rough layout sketch of what he has planned for the cover art. We are really looking forward to seeing the final version and will post that as soon as it comes in.

GenCon Events for 2014!

Sculpting Classes and COUNTERBLAST Creators!

GenCon badge registration has opened. Event registration opens May 18th and we will be hosting three events this year. I will be teaching two introductory sculpting classes and we will be having our first Counterblast creator’s panel on Sunday. Check out the details at the links below, you will need to be logged into the GenCon web site in order to view them.

Come learn the fundamentals of figure sculpting with Patrick Keith. A wide range of techniques will be covered starting with making a wire armature for your figures, poses and anatomy, and textures like fur, chainmail and more! Tools and supplies will be provided but feel free to bring your own.

MHE1453862 - Introduction to Sculpting Miniatures - Friday 2pm

MHE1453863 - Introduction to Sculpting Miniatures - Saturday 2pm

See the process involved in creating the COUNTERBLAST: Adventure Battle Game, learn what is involved in production, the Kickstarter project, and fulfillment from the creators Brett Amundson, Vicky Morgan-Keith and Patrick Keith. Upcoming releases, concept art and other surprises will be offered along with Q&A.

SEM1453861 - Counterblast Future Past - Sunday 2pm


Aces of Painting

Bombshell Miniatures is very proud to sponsor the GenCon Aces of Painting Event as the manufacturer contributor providing Babes models for the charity auction. Aces are all award-winners and international competitors with a large appeal to collectors.  Each year, 10 painters from the group volunteer, miniatures are received and prepped in secret, and everyone prepares to fight it out in the Arena!

Sculptor Patrick Keith will be on hand to co-emcee the event and taunt the participants.