Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Releases for June


We now have three new pieces in the web store available for pre-order! These were hinted at in the final few hours of the Kickstarter project but were not quite reached through stretch goals. You can order them now and we'll ship them to you in June!

Our regular edition Maelee is now available. She is an all new sculpt with a different pose and alternate costuming.


Tillie is our ace fighter pilot following the proud tradition of the Tuskegee Airmen! Skilled at aerial combat, she can outfly the enemy and keep up with any Red Tail in the air!


Tepeyollotla is a cunning and lithe jagwarrioress. She stalks the tropic jungles for a surprise ambush.



Due to the popularity of the HS38 Rocket Bike we have had to order more castings from our supplier. The restocks will be coming in soon. So, you can now pre-order rocket bikes and we'll ship them out in June!

News and Infrequent Updates

Now that we are migrating all of our customer news and info back to the blog from the Kickstarter update system, here is where you can get all the latest info on all things Bombshell.


We will be at GenCon - August 15-18, 2013 - Vendor Booth #764

Since we are tucked away near the Art Show, we will be doing our best over the next several weeks to let attendees know where to find us at the show.


We have been planning another special edition piece for Maelee since offering the Kickstarter exclusive piece last September. Originally this was to be a convention exclusive offer but, we have decided to make the piece available early to our Kickstarter backers who have been patient throughout the Babes™ fulfillment period. We will be posting more about this exceptional set offer over the next couple of weeks.


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We also wanted to create a little online space for you to post your paint jobs, hobby projects and discussions about the industry. It's not pretty yet, but over the next few weeks we'll start whipping it into shape. Hop over to the Bombardiers Forum and sign up.

International Shipping and Distribution

We have been working with several distributors to get Bombshell Miniatures to our international customers to help them with the excessive shipping and customs fees. Right now we are currently working out a deal with Artemis Black's in the UK. Recently we shipped product to E-minis in Spain. Check their web sites for updates on when the Bombshell products will be available. We will try to keep you updated here as well.

WarPath Games Distribution contacted us to handle our product domestically and internationally. As soon as we can return the paperwork, we will be working to supply them with all the stock we can. If you are a retailer, or know one that should be stocking Bombshell Miniatures, have them contact WarPath for more information.

Supplemental Update 1


The delay on the final fulfillment for this last handful of rewards shipments is due directly to my oversight in ordering the correct quantity of resin pieces to cover the backer choices. Our resin caster, Valiant Enterprises, has taken great steps to completely revise their workflow due to the volume required for our Kickstarter project and has provided exceptional work and quality throughout the duration of fulfillment. 

Out of the 103 remaining rewards shipments that had issues to resolve at the beginning of May: 
63 packages have been shipped to backers this month.
17 packages are resolved and are waiting on resin base inserts or rocket bike restocks to ship.
23 still have unresolved issues with either incorrect survey selections or missing international shipping amounts.

Brett has already contacted all of the remaining 23 backers to notify them that there was an issue of some type needing resolution before the rewards could be sent. Please check all of you email accounts, especially the ones ATTACHED TO YOUR KICKSTARTER ACCOUNT to make sure we have not tried to contact you regarding your rewards package. We want to get your stuff to you as soon as possible.

If you find that you have damaged or missing items or had another concern with your rewards package please email support@bombshellminis.com right away and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

We have collected all the painted pieces for the higher level backer rewards and I am patching up the sculpts to ship them out when we receive our restocks.


We have sent an email to our 17 PayPal Donate backers and verified their addresses. We will be shipping their rewards shortly, too!


We mean it!!! None of this would have been possible without your encouragement, support, enthusiasm and generosity to get the ball rolling. The volume of success made it extremely difficult to manage at times but thanks for sticking in there with us, being patient and helping us see our fulfillment through completion.