Friday, July 26, 2013

Maelee Set Production Update 2

We have had a totally awesome week! I have been amazed at how everything on our three major projects, the Maelee Set, the GenCon show, and Counterblast™ development have rolled along like clockwork!


We are still waiting for these backers to return their surveys:

D.J. Cole
The Keep
Cerity "Bottlejak" Silverhawk

For the two backers that pledged at the level for the painted sets, we will be sending the surveys out as we get closer to shipping those rewards. The estimated delivery on them is posted as November to give our painters time to complete the work.

All of the other suveys have been returned and are processed into our fulfillment spreadsheet. We have allocated the numbered Maelee sets according to your backer number. Those who were the earliest in backing the project will get the lowest numbers in the print run.


We received the castings from Valiant for the Maelee sets and our stock for GenCon yesterday. The UPS delivery was about 7 pm. By 10:30 pm Vicky, Brett and I had everything unboxed, polybagged with bases and wrapped ready to pack in the numbered set boxes.  Earlier in the week Brett had already finished labeling the boxes and had stamped the numbers on them along with the signed certificates.

Today we will be packing the set boxes and prepping the order boxes to ship out as soon as the labels are printed. We are projecting that if everything goes like it has been, we will be able to have everything shipped out by Tuesday.

We appreciate your support!
~The Sculptdude