Saturday, November 3, 2012

Production Update 4,

Sculpting is coming along. Nowada is almost finished and the anatomy on the Sword Maiden is blocked out.

Several new armatures are posed and ready to go on the next batch of Babes.

Kevin also completed the iSlug Sidekick.

I have been noodling with ZBrush and go the basic structure of Maelee's wrench blocked out.


The next round of sculpts will need to be completed as soon as possible to get our first batch off to the master mold maker. As you can see from the mold layout there is space for several more Babes and quite a few Sidekicks. The plan is to get this mold pressed before the end of the month.

More stuff next Friday. Lots of new things on the schedule for this week.


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  1. Looks promising! I'll try and get some money donated to the project in the next couple of weeks or so. Keep up the excellent work!