Thursday, September 17, 2015

Babes 2 - Winter is Coming!


$20,000 - Sahara the Camel Sidekick UNLOCKED - Thank you! She will dutifully cross any barren waste for a nap and cold beverage. Since this goal is reached Sahara is unlocked and added to the Bomb Kit absolutely FREE! She is also be available as an Add-On to your pledge for just $2 each to select her as an optional reward.


$23,000 - Glacia the Winter Witch - Mistress of the ice and snow, she seeks to rule all within her frigid grasp! Once this goal is reached Glacia will be unlocked as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit. She will also be available for just $8 each to select her as an optional Add-On reward.


Not much on finesse, these gals get the job done with straightforward mayhem. One even comes with her very own dino-pet!

Just into the fourth day and funded with four stretch goals down! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for your support! There's still much, much more to come! Visit the Kickstarter campaign here!