Saturday, February 15, 2014

Counterblast Faction Models

Here is a selection of the models that are available as backer rewards choices for the Counterblast Adventure Battle Game.

Science Officer Helen Salinger

Edo Leader Prototype

Edo Prime Leader
Edo Spawnguard with Arc Halberd

Edo Guardling with Arc Halberd

Edo Underling with Arc Rifle

Edo Underling with Arc Rifle

Edo Spawnling with Arc Pistol

Edokin Trapper A

Edokin Trapper B

Edokin Eyspy

GDF Alanti Commander

Illyrian Prototype Model

GDF Illyrian Sentry with Pulsar Rifle

GDF Human Female Sentry with Pulsar Rifle

GDF Shrinaar Female with Autopulsar

GDF Enforcer

GDF Combot with Pulsar Rifle

Lancer Captain Shrinaar Male

Lanceguard Alanti Male with Gamma Disruptor

Lancer Plugger Human Female

Lancer Plugger Illyrian Male

Lancer Brute

Lancer Clipper with Sniper Rifle
Lancer HOpR Bot

Mekkus Aggressors with Particle Guns and Pulsars

Mekkus Cental Command Node with Particle Beam Cannons

Mekkus Defenders with Particle Beam  and Gamma Disruptor Cannons

Mekkus Seeker

Neiran Jamad Warleader

Neiran Clansister

Neiran Acolyte

Neiran Scythesister